Monday, July 5, 2010


I saw the first drops of water kissing mother Earth,
I saw her open up her arms and embrace every drop with care and warmth....

Droplets turned into drizzle and soon the brown carpet turned red,
As the ground soaked itself more and more with every minute that sizzled....

The trees shed away their weariness and cleansed themselves,
In the purest form of water pouring right from the skies....

The birds woke up from their slumber and peeked out of their nests,
Happy to see the rain which would in turn drive out many pests....

The animals jumped across to wet themselves,
To clean their bodies in the only natural shower that transpires....

It was indeed a lovely sight, indeed a lovely watch,
The glory of the first rain, nothing else can dare to match....


  1. Me too loves rain.. I am the most happiest person on this earth wen it rains.. u shud add abt me in ur blog too :P
    But loved the post.. nicely written.. thanks for sharing...
    Adi good going.. :D

  2. awesome...keep writin such gud stuffs...

  3. Gud one...i also luv rain...keepin postin such stuffs! :)

  4. Beutiful.....
    The topic is endearing and your style of writing brings the mental picture of rain ALIVE!!!
    Job Well Done Bro!!!

  5. Lovely description !! you forgot the mitti ki khusboo .. thats what i love the most about rains.

  6. wow......tast so nice n sweet..:) cooll.. so beautifully put...:)..i love rainzz.:)

  7. Awsomazing Adi !! Its Really Very Nice One :P Loved It

  8. Nice one adi.. keep writing like this... :)

  9. hey tis z awsum.............