Thursday, July 1, 2010

M a blogger Finally

So m a blogger finally. dunno what this blogging actually means, but still i joined blogging. Thnaks to my friend i joined blogging. Yet to decide on what i should write though. I have decided to write about myself in my first blog. M just another normal INDIAN who is still a student. Got lotsa bad habits, trying to rectify them now. Addicted to the internet stuff, believe in flirting, write non-sense, love to have fun, spend my dad's money etc and etc, the list just continues. but still i am trying to rectify myseelf. Hope it works out. I am sure u guys must not have liked my 1st blog post, but i promise to write productive


  1. Hmmmm.. First of All Welcome to Blogging Yaar !!

    Well, Its Your First Post Now, Toh Congrats for that !! Now think what your blog is gonna be about ! I know you'll find a good theme for it..