Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Place in My Heart

I love you my friend,
Though you are far away.
I love you my friend,
In so many ways.

I do not recall.
I can’t tell you when
This love it did grow
Or how did it begin.

But your words reach across
The miles that do separate
It’s your friendship I cherish
And want to celebrate

The everyday moments
That together are spent
The times that we laugh,
The times that we vent.

I want you to know
That however apart
You always will have
A place in my heart.


  1. SIMPLY Awes0me yaar!! to0 gud!! i lyk i lyk!! sh0rt n sweet...thankz!! keep it up n keep kumin up wid m0re such p0emz....gud luck...-Meghna Raj

  2. wonderful .. beautifully written :) loved it :) .. keep it up !!

  3. hey Adi!! its simply superb, amazing and very very touching. Love it! :) continue writing such awesome stuff..cheers!!